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Thursday, 12 April 2018

10 Delights for Tea lovers from a Tea Lover

10 Tea Quotes for Chai Lovers

1. I doubt those people who say NO for tea.

2. Poor chai wala, he sent me a love letter. Now, I have to clarify that it is the chai  which makes me blush and not him.

3. My abnormal behavior can only be normalized with a cup of tea.
Tea quotes

4. For being my friend.. You should be friend with tea first.

5. Had I been given a chance to give vote of thanks to the motivators in my life, Undoubtedly Tea You'll be always occupying  first place in the list.

6. I asked what is your favorite fragrance. He answered ginger tea.. It's been 16 years since then we are happily married.

7. Don't hold onto grudges, hold a hot cup of tea. It will melt everything.

8. My preference to tea never changes with seasons. If it comes to tea, I m not less loyal than a dog.

9. Tea is not a beverage - its a memory.

10. I get offended when people number up my cups of tea.


  1. Kya baat hai...great work Priyanka.

    How do you think of these beautiful comments about tea?? Amazing

    I am also tea lover, let me know if we can have tea together and share thoughts.

  2. Chai k deewane khusbu se pehchan lete Hein chai kadak h ya nahi .. ☕
    Keep doing ur good work ��

  3. Good job priyanka..being a tea lover I can totally relate with these delight..

  4. Nice quotes, it shows your true love for tea.

  5. chai ke liye baat kafi Sahi ki gayi hai :)

  6. Chaibazi....

  7. Nice one...
    When it comes to a chai lover u come first in my mind.